Have you ever wondered the smallest car

Have you ever wondered the smallest car in the world? Yes it is a car present in the universe. AZ-1, which started production in Japan in 1992, manages to attract the attention of those who see it. One of the biggest features that attract attention is its features.Autozam, a joint venture project between Mazda and Suzuki in 1992; He presented one of the most successful examples of Kei style with his AZ-1. Although the car is now considered a successful collection, the production of the AZ-1, which was found too small even for Kei-style cars, was halted after a 3-year adventure. With a production volume of around 4,500 in its 3-year adventure, AZ-1 is one of the vehicles that collectors want in their garage today.

We said that the feature of the vehicle attracts attention. With a maximum speed of 140 km, a weight of 720 kilograms and a three-cylinder, turbo-powered 1.3-liter engine, the AZ-1 is already the smallest sports car in history.The car, whose production has been discontinued, is now in the hands of the glorious collectors. Collectors who own this vehicle can even generate revenue by exhibiting the car and even taking a tour. Would you like to take a tour with AZ-1?

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